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I started teaching last night a new class that I've been incredibly uptight about. It's Electronic Health Records (EHR) and yes, it's the wave of the future and it's happening now. But I've never even seen it in action, let alone worked with it. So I'm the perfect person to teach this, right? Oy. I managed to bail on it last semester but couldn't dodge it this semester. It baffles me that they would not hire someone who does know this to teach it.

This is a software program and well, DC here is just plain stupid when it comes to software. (Just ask poor Kallie and HCat.) So I've been working with it, on it, around it for the last several weeks. Came into class last night wound up tight to find out that not ONE student had done the homework I assigned. Something that would have taken 5 minutes. *rolls eyes*

Thankfully, this did not set the rest of the class off on a bad foot. Once we got into it. (I demonstrated on one computer.) Everyone got into it, started it, and completed the first two exercises without burning the building down or me bursting into tears.

Go figure?

Anyway. Walked last night (in the rain) for 1 1/2 miles. That's five days in a row now. Go me.
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