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I'm up to 10 days in a row now on the walking so my streak is well established and I'm now in the mode that won't let me break it at least for the rest of the summer and into fall. We'll see if I can transfer it to the treadmill and/or mall walking when the weather changes and it's too dark out. :P

Getting the eating under control- well, not a total success. Not a total failure either. I'll settle for a strong step in the right direction. I'm going to go back to WW after next week- when this class is done and I have a break for a few weeks from that.

I will work on Fallout tonight (hopefully) and tomorrow. Maybe one of the regular novels. Fallout is up to 31 pages. and still has along ways to go to spin out this plot so it will definitely be one of my longer ToD pieces.

It's hot again today though. The only thing making it somewhat bearable is a nice breeze and the scent of rain. I love a good rain. Obviously, I use it a lot in my writng it would seem. LOL.

A local pet store is going out of business- which is a damn shame. But everything is at least 40% off. What is even better, the cat towers are all 50% off. I would look at these and think how much fun the ladies would have on one, but refuse to pay $150 on up. But now they are a bargin so we picked up one of the larger ones and brought it on home. OMG, it was a hit before we had it tipped upright and put in place. It has two carpeted platforms and beefy square poles wrapped in heavy duty twine and carpet. There is also a carpeted tube suspended below the platforms, all this on a large square base. They just love it. So does my old man cat. He loves the "penthouse" view especially. This puts him well above the annoying ladies and he lays there, watching everything like the king he is. Totally worth the money. There are times when all three of them are on it- the Siamese on the lower platform and the tabby on the base (I call that the "garden" level).

Now that I put everyone to sleep here, I guess I'd better figure out what I'm going to do about dinner.

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