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Here relaxing at Kallie's

I worked half a day yesterday and left at noon so I could enjoy the rest of the afternoon at my favorite getaway place- Kallie's. I'm never disappointed when I come here. It's peaceful, no stress and no freaking TV blaring at all hours of the day. Thank you god.

Now that my teaching job is on a break for the next three weeks (I go back September 13th), I made a deal with myself (as Gwenna) to get Then and Now mostly written- if only in rough draft of course. I'm pretty sure, that if I make an effort to put some time into it- at least an hour on the evenings I work and devote the weekends, I could crank this manuscript out for the most part. So wish me luck. I've already got three pages done today and the day is young!

Walking update: 16 days in a row! Woot!
Tags: gwenna, kallie, mark and josh, then and now, walking
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