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Anytime now, a little old man is going to row by in an arc...

I drove home from Kallie's yesterday which is normally a nothing trip. About 2 1/2 hours of NYS Thruway and I'm home. And that's pretty much what it was until I got about 40 minutes west of Syracuse and I hit tremendous downpours. Horrible visability. Add to this, bumper to bumper traffic (I think everyone must have been in Buffalo this past weekend and decided to leave at the same time...) and construction and well- let's just say it was a very long drive home that I thought would never end. When I did get home, I didn't even try to unload my car because it was still pouring down like gangbusters. Good grief.

And it continued all afternoon. I waited for it to let up so I could walk, but it never did. So with umbrella in hand, I did go out to walk. But in under a mile, I was soaked from the knees down and there was a wind constantly trying to snatch my umbrella- so I only ended up doing a very wet mile.

At 7pm, I went out to get my groceries for the week and it was STILL pouring down like no tomorrow. Got soaked all over again putting groceries in the car and trying to get them back out once I got home.

Now I love a good rainy day, in fact I'm always hoping for them so I can write. I seem to write better when there is a nice down pour involved. But this was a bit more than I bargined for, I gotta admit.

Anyway, walking update: 18 days in a row. Rah.
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