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Arrrgh. I hate when the fates conspire against me- what did I ever do to them I ask you? Last night I had plans to try and get the house in some type of order, especially my work room. Now bear in mind, it's a total loss but I can at least get some of the chaos organized so that I don't feel like I live in a total dump.

I can't write anything in a disaster zone.

But I spiked a headache at the end of the workday and by the time I got home, I was getting pretty miserable. I pulled dinner together, even got my walk in but by 7pm, I was on the couch with icepacks wishing someone would just shoot me and end my misery.

Needless to say, I obviously did NOT do any cleaning and/or organizing. Or writing. Or anything for that matter. Well, okay, I did walk two miles but that seem like a lot- the rest of the evening was a total loss.

Okay, so today is a new day and after walking with decynthus tonight, I'll see if I have better luck.

Oh, and it's finally stopped raining. Thank god.

Walking: 19 days in a row. Rah
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