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Walking update: 25 days in a row. Woot. Will still keep at it.

I took Friday off. Karma, being the sweet bitch she is, decided to make sure and get even with me. So on Thursday, I lost a crown because I put a piece of sticky candy in my mouth. I'm such an idiot. Thankfully, my dentist fit me right in and I got that taken care of. $92.00 later I come back to the office to find out I won the weekly office pool- $50.50. Well, okay, not so bad after all.

When I got home, my husband had already left for the weekend, so after a nice walk with decynthus , I enjoyed the house to myself and loved every minute of it.

I worked on VN2 all weekend and made some decent progress. I can't wrap my head around Mark and Josh 2 right now for a few reasons, but hey, Nate and Ian were very chatty. I'm trying very hard to get as much done as I can before I go back to work on September 13th. Then I want to have it finished up and to my editor by the end of October. If for no other reason than my life will be a total zoo after that as I'll have the two jobs, everything else that goes on with the onset of the holiday rush, and I'll be taking the classes for my hospital chart auditing certification. Oy. All of this in November. 

(And decynthus  asks- so are you doing NaNo this year? LOL)

So besides some nasty hayfever, I can honestly say I had a super nice weekend. Those are so rare for me. Next up- Kallie's. I leave Thursday and won't be back until next Monday. Rapture!
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