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Naked Heat

No, that's not a remark on the heat wave we will have here in upstate NY over the next few days. The new Richard Castle book- Naked Heat, will be out at the end of September. Woot! I got a kick out of the last one and I just love the television series so I'm looking forward to it. My regular fav author- JD Robb, has her next one coming out in November. Something else to look forward to.

I leave for Kallie's on Thursday afternoon. Rapture.

I got just under 1000 words done on VN2 last night, total word count is now well over 38k. I'm making the commitment to try and get at least an hour of writing in every evening. Whether it'll be any good? *sigh* I guess I'll find out when I submit it eventually.

Walking: 26 days in a row. Rah.

Tags: castle, jd robb, naked heat, vn2
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