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Hanging at the lovely Kallie's

First things first, I'm still continuing my unbroken walking streak- up to 32 days in a row, including today. Rah.

Yesterday was an odd sort of anniversary for me. I shut down my dawnchsr LJ after using it as a forum and publickly letting my very nosey sister-in-law and my ass of a brother have it big time. It was the most liberating thing I've done in years. I opened up this LJ and haven't looked back. The tiny flist of people who keep track of me came over so nothing lost but some dead weight of a family that consider me a loser anyway. Upshot is- I'm still very happy I did it and haven't looked back with a single regret. So happy anniversary for Fat Orange Kat. :)

On to lighter things.

Thursday, I came here to Buffalo to hang out with my sweet friend, Kallie, for a long weekend. I've been having nothing short of a very nice time, relaxing and doing something I haven't done for two years- vidding! I'm making excellent headway on Pink's song "Sober", which to me is the perfect Myron song. I got a lot done on it into the wee hours last night. I will work on it again today, but I do want to focus some of my energy on VN2

I'm pleased with the progress I'm making on it. I did decide to re-read the entire manuscript as it stands now so that I can check for continuity. I'm not doing any heavy edits yet, not fishing out all the repeat words, pov breaks, etc, although anything horribly obvious I have fixed as I went along. I'll finish that up today and keep moving forward. I'm pretty much halfway at about 40k words and around 100 pages. I'm stil aiming for end of October to at least have it to HCat to work her magic on so that I can turn it over to my editor for consideration.

Sadly, I return to my real life tomorrow, and back to work on Tuesday. But, thanks to it being a holiday tomorrow, I score an extra day here at my sanctuary. Hopefully, I'll be able to work it out that I can come at least one more time before Kallie flees south for the winter and I'm remain trapped in upstate NY.

Weather changed drastically temp wise yesterday- giving us a taste of fall with a snap of crispness in the air and the wind whipping about. It's only temporary though and it will warm back up mid week. I have been enjoying it though, it makes walking a joy. :)

I start teaching again, a week from tomorrow. *sigh* This is it for me though. After I get the exam taken for my hospital chart auditing certification in December, I'm turning in my notice. This will give them plenty of time to find someone else to take my place for the new semester that starts late in January 2011.


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