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Good grief I hate ragweed season

Walking update: 53 days in a row.

Fall is a funny season for me. I love the change of colors, the cool crisp air, fresh Cortland apples, all things Halloween, but it brings a mixed bag of other things that drag me down, mostly that it won't be long before winter snow is here. It's exhausting just to think about. This year the ragweed has been completely out of control and I have been suffering on a level like never before. I'd forgotten how miserable really bad allergies are. Poor HCat has been listening to my sniffling and sniveling now for at least three weeks. There was a point this past week where I nearly broke down and wept as I hadn't had more than a few hours sleep each night and I was working both my jobs. Please, God, can I have an early hard frost? Please?

Thankfully, I've managed to get it turned around and I am starting to feel a little better. I'm even sleeping more. I'll take what victories I can at this point.

Despite the allergies, I've managed to keep two things going: my writing and my walking. I've walked every single day, without fail. And I'm writing pretty much every day as I continue to push hard on VN2. I surpassed the 51K mark today, and hope to make it to 52K before I call it a night.

Since I've last written, my sweet editor- Cyn, has left Lyrical. I'm devastated of course but we will keep in contact and keep encouraging each other. She's become a friend, not just and editor. I will miss having her when I submit my next Mark and Josh, or possibly a new story I've come up with- a prequel that is about Mark in Vietnam. I've been assigned a new editor so we'll see how that goes.

Little changes at my job. I'm buried and I'm bored and I'm tired of the politics that will never let me get ahead because I won't play the games. Or the IQ of a houseplant. New York State however will be posting several new openings at the beginning of October, and I'll keep my eye on that to see if anything might be a decent fit. Decent benefits and sick time would be a welcome treat, not to mention more than just six f-word holidays a year. I'd miss my every other Friday off, but I'd manage.

Speaking of which, I think I'm scoring at least part of next weekend to myself. Go me. Butt pain of a husband is probably going north to game with his friends.

As I mentioned before, I am steadily pounding away on VN2 and I'm very pleased. It's really coming along and it's standing on it's own two feet without being an updated re-hash of Mind's Eye. It's darker, edgier and gritty. My Doc isn't a pushover in this either- he likes to play with knives in fact. I'm still working for an end of October deadline and since I'm 2/3rds there, I'm confident I can pull it off. 

I've relocated to Paneras on Mondays and Wednesdays when I need to kill time between the two jobs. It's working out a hundred times better than Barnes and Noble and their rarely working wifi service. The tables are comfortable, I order a nice tasty salad for dinner and I set up and write for about an hour before I have to pack up and go teach. Much happier.

I have six students this time and they all appear to be good. A pleasant change as I almost always have a problem child of some sort. I'm still planning on taking the medical records auditing credentialling in November with the exam in December. As long as I'm working for Bryant and Stratton, I can take it for free.

Just got the first two seasons of Flashpoint and the second season of Castle in the mail. Woot. I never saw the original season of Flashpoint so I'm really thrilled to be able to see it now.
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