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The Gwenna Project and other odds and ends

The Gwenna Project

Thanks to the nudging and cheerleeding of the lovely miss [info]elleparker, I've started to get my web presence established. Gwenna Sebastian now has a Yahoo addie and her own LJ- gwennasebastian. Like this current LJ, I'm still painting and moving the furniture around and making it presentable for guests. But please, feel free to come on over for a glass of wine and friend Gwenna so that she doesn't look like too much of a dork over in her new digs.

Sweet, sweet henrycathas finished the first copy edits and returned those to me. The manuscript wasn't quite as bloody as I thought it would be. There is still work to do after I get through those this week- some tweeking that she feels will make the manuscript stronger. Her opinion is everything to me so I will take her advice with wide open arms.

I've picked out the stylesheets for now for Gwenna's website and will get to work on that this week. Also, to that end, I've emailed Debs, the delightful Aussie who did the drop dead gorgeous artwork for Vids and Info (and Journals). I'm hoping she would consider doing a sexy and slick banner for Gwenna that feature Mark and Josh and the Outer Banks as a backdrop. So, the webpage is a work in progress right now.

My next steps- I'm going to play with both Blogspot and WordPress and decide what I like better. I'm realistic- I work two jobs and still want time to write- I'm not going to try to keep up with a Live Journal AND Blogspot AND WordPress. I love Live Journal, I'm comfortable with it so I'll use that and one of the other two depending on how I like the user friendliness.

Since it's not all about Gwenna, an update on what else is going on.

Cat Integration
This continues with moderate success. No major dust ups. Everyone is tolerating everyone so long as no one gets too close. I can live with that. We work on it every day now- I finally got my husband on board and he's working with them when I'm not home.

Two weeks in and it's okay. I've got one girl I don't know what to think of- she just stares at me with no emotion through the whole thing. No one seems to have a lot of questions so I just plow through the material. I try to lighten it up here and there as best I can. Realistically, this is boring material and I can understand that it's a total yawnfest. So I print off lots of interesting stuff and bring that in- including jobs from around the country including Hawaii.

I'm at least half way through my current shawl. I'll try to get a new picture of it posted tomorrow. I really love the way it's coming out. I'm going to my friend's house this afternoon to socialize and knit with her. I'll work on it there and start the new sweater I got yarn for. Pictures to follow of that as it gets going.

Life in general
I've been struggling with a headache for more than a week now and with that, a vicious bout of depression I can't seem to shake. It's wearing me down. I have to really talk myself out of bed and into doing things I do enjoy- like writing, walking, knitting and designing. I should be excited about the fact that probably in the next two to three weeks, I'll be sending out Mark and Josh. And that I have all this new exciting stuff going on because of it. But I'm not, I'm simply putting myself through the motions. This will eventually turn around- I just have to keep moving forward until it does.


A quick note, I owe some people some comments on their LJ's (Sorry [info]lunabee) and I'll try to catch those up tomorrow as well.


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