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Unconnected thoughts

My son was just here. He had to bury one of his cats. He was in tears- this young man who is a medic and had been to Iraq (for a year) and saw more death than any 21 year old ever should. She was a runt of his litter, a very tiny thing and the vet warned him she had problems. My husband helped him and then he left, devastated and still in tears.

My allergies are an up and down thing. As long as it's raining, I'm pretty okay. I can breathe anyway and I'm not polishing off a box of kleenex every twelve hours. But when we have a simply stunning fall day, like yesterday, I'm pure misery. And believe me, I was that. I was up at 1:30AM Saturday morning, unable to breathe and draining snot and miserable. I drank tea and re-watched all three current episodes of Hawaii Five-O until I could finally go to bed and pass out. The rest of the day was spent in a miserable state. But we got a partial frost last night and that alone has made it already a good deal better.

I did write, however and I'm less than 100 words short of the 60K mark on VN2. I will be working on it in a little bit here today as well, I've a large scale battle to write about the camp being over run. These things take me a bit of time to map out when I have multiple characters to account for. Overall, it's coming along and I'm still chanting my mantra- "Done by the end of October."

My newest web design client, an Airforce reservist who writes and stages christian plays, gave my name to two other people who really need webpages. I explained that it would be impossible for me to take them on right now- that in fact I couldn't take them on and do them any justice until January at the earliest. It's not that I can't use the money- I mean who can't use money for in time for Christmas, right? But good grief, Charlie Brown, where would I find the time to do these right now? Anyway, one came back and begged- saying she'd double my fee. *sigh* Like that's suddenly going to create time I already don't have.

Speaking of webpages, I have been playing with the new software I purchased several months ago but haven't had a real chance to use. So far I like it and I used it this morning to present my christian play writer with a completely different alternative to what I did with my current software. I think it gives me more freedom and it's easy enough to change colors and fonts so we'll see what she says.

I'll wrap this up by saying I'm totally in love with Hawaii Five-O. So much so that if I wasn't so completely overwhelmed with projects and such I'd consider writing and or vidding in it. The two leads are fantastic and have an amazing chemistry. The sarcasm and snark are off the charts. Danno is in constant motion and constantly talking. McGarrett is sharp and quiet and is the perfect foil for Danno. Tour of Duty will remain my main love but it's nice having Hawaii Five-O as my boy toy on the side for now.


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