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I hate being jerked around

The ONLY reason I'm teaching again this semester is because I was told I could take the classes I wanted for free. And the one I want more than anything is my CPMA- Certified Professional Medical Auditor. This is a very expensive certification, thus the reason I hung in when there were other things I'd rather have been doing. Like finish the writing on VN2

Last week I told them I wanted to sign up and yes, is it covered? Oh yes- I was assured- I've been with Bryant and Stratton for more than a year, the only thing I'd have to come up with is the books. I consider that a fair deal.

Today, however, I get an email explaining that I need to have been employed for two years (I've got 1 1/2 years) but as a consolation prize, they'd knock off 10% of tuition. Gee, how generous of them.


This should have been explained to me long ago. And everyone in that damned office knew this is what I wanted more than anything. So they gleefully screwed me over and it's time I can't get back. As tempted as I am to tell them they can shove the rest of the semester up their asses and find someone else to finish out this class and teach the one right after it, I won't. I'm a better person than that. 

(Really, I'm just an idiot schmuck- which is why I got taken yet again.) I am so resigning after this.

The good news- if I chose to look at it that way is- I won't be making my life a complete nightmare for November and December because I'm trying to do too much at once. And I can keep working on VN2. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
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