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Nothing earth shattering

First of all, I owe some thank yous. A very belated one to redhedlvr  for the v-gift she gave me. I don't know how I didn't see it sooner and I'm really sorry sweet heart- but thank you so very much!

And to creedcascade  who wrote me a lovely Hawaii Five-O fic that wasn't light and fluffy like must of them are out there. (Hugs). I absolutely adored it.

I'm still getting over the disappointment of being denied my CPMA. (Okay, not totally- I could fork over the cash and still take it.) But there are a few benefits to not trying to over do it in November by adding that to my already packed schedule, so I'll focus on that and get over the rest. Like how I was really counting on it to make it possible for me get a decent paying job and get out of this situation I'm in.

My allergies, for the most part, are pretty good. I have periods here and there- (Sorry about last night, henrycat !) but overall, I'm feeling much more human and like I can accomplish things. I'm still exhausted and no amount of sleep seems to be helping me there.

I picked up knitting again. Nothing special or rocking, just a simple ribbed scarf to get my fingers used to it again. I picked up this pretty multicolored yarn that looks hand painted. Cowls  are very much in right now and I'd like to make a few. I've found a few nice patterns that aren't complicated. Much.

I didn't write at all yesterday. It's a wet rainy damp day out today, so I hope to spend the afternoon at it. I'm not going to make my end of the month deadline, but I'm still going to push hard. I'm at the 65k mark right now. Another 25-30k and I'll have this one wrapped up but for the edits and clean up. One of the benefits of not taking my CPMA at this point lets me continue to focus on this instead.

Well, that whole lot of nothing. Which is pretty much how it goes for me anyway. Going to Kallie's on Thursday for the weekend. Fangirl weekend- woot!

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