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Something light. Tomorrow I climb on my soap box about politics. But not tonight.

Hawaii Five-O is my current shiney right now. I enjoy a few really good shows- NCIS, Castle and in  the late winter into spring- The Deadliest Catch. But this one- which I had hoped would live up to the hype, has me by the throat and I just love it. It's not too heavy and not too ridiculous and well, the two leads are the most amazing eye candy. What can I say, I'm shallow like that! I knew Alex O'Laughlin would be awesome but who knew Scott Caan would come along and steal the show? And he does it with such glee. The snark between them is off the chart and I'm willing to bet not all of it is scripted.

This could possibly be the first fandom I would seriously consider writing in besides Tour of Duty. Considering I've been writing in that and ONLY that fandom for 10 years, that's quite the revelation to me. At the very least, I'd like to vid in it. It could a lot of fun to vid without a doubt.

There are some amazing icons out there and I've picked up a few. A girl must have some pretties, right?

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