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Better than a five star hotel

I'm house and cat sitting this weekend. A friend of mine who has been a co-worker of mine as well since we met back at Royal went to NYC for the weekend with her husband. She offered me dinner last night and $150 to come stay here in her house. Her beautiful, 4-bedroom, clean, neat house with two 44" flat screens and wireless connection house. With one low maintenance cat.

Where I can relax and write in peace.

And I'm getting $150 for this? Damn.

I've got VN2 with me and the ToD novel I started called Fallout. And character notes on Steve and Danny from H5-O. Oh, and my Mark and Ryan story- Firebase October. My main focus will be VN2 and that's what I will put my energy at. But in case I stall, I've got plenty of other projects here with me. And some knitting too. :)

This is nice. This lets me know what it could be like if I were in my own nice little apartment that is neat and clean without the 15 or so odd lawn ornaments in my livingroom.

Five more classes and I'm done with teaching. For good. December 1st. I can't wait.
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