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Another weekend pretty much done...

I'm not sure I mentioned this before, but Stephen Caffrey is in a new play that debuted yesterday in Cincinnatio, Ohio. Back when I found out about it, before Labor Day, I was all excited with the idea of going because well- it's a long drive but still drivable for me. And that just doesn't happen for me- the guy is usually in California. Anyway, for some reason the shine sort of came off and I wasn't as excited about after a few weeks. No one to go with, a long drive, a lot of other excuses. HCat nudged me along anyway and so I got my tickets yesterday. So I'll be there mid October. I'll be sure to let one and all know how the play was.

I got Mark and Josh back from HCat's first go of copy edits. I'm working through those but it will likely take me most of the week with teaching a couple nights a week. Thankfully, it's my short week at work- I have Friday off.

Cat integration continues. No huge break throughs but on the other hand, no major dust ups either. I'll take what I can get, you know?

Oh! First season of Castle arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Rapture!

I don't feel like I got a lot done this weekend, this is all I can honestly account for:

Created and updated The Gwenna Project Live Journa
Did several loads of laundry
Knitted several inches on my shawl
Updated three of my client websites- two of which were major
Started work on the copy edits for Mark and Josh
Grocery shopped
Baked a homemade apple crisp

I did do some reading and I spent yesterday afternoon at a friend's knitting and catching up. Speaking of which, she is really pushing me to put a resume into where she works. They have a Senior Billing Specialist postion open in their Surgery department and it will involve a great deal more coding than I do now as well as what I already know how to do- albiet, in radiology- NOT surgery. The benefits are much better there and I would be able to come in at what I'm being paid now, so it wouldn't be a pay cut. HCat thinks I should try for it too.

I've decided that if the depression is still lingering after this week, I wil call my midwife and see what she suggests. I'm just drowning here and I don't know what else to do. I've got a lot to be excited, if not happy about. Mark and Josh are close to being ready to send out, I've got stuff set up for Gwenna, I'm going to see Stephen's play. Am I never satisfied? *sigh* We'll see what this week does.

First test for my students tomorrow night.

Oh and for those interested, a picture of the two princesses that moved into my house this summer

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