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Yes, the whole week.

I'm off this week. Yup, the whole week. Well there are a few catches. We got Thursday for the holiday and it's my normal Friday off this week so I only had to use 3 days of vacation. And I do have to teach tonight. But just tonight and the rest is mine.

I've been cleaning. I'm trying to do a room a day. Kitchen and living room have got a start. I'll try to do the bathroom today, but I've got to run out to do some errands that include delivering a pumpkin cheesecake.

And I've been writing on VN2. I'm at 75,800 word count and I'm hoping to make it to 80k by Thanksgiving. We'll see.

Thanksgiving at this point may prove to be tricky. We are being told snow and it could get up to six or more inches. My sister and her husband always drive in from Connecticut and I'm worried for them. They have to come over the Berkshire Mountains and I've been caught in bad weather on that stretch of the road and thought I'd never make it. I've also got family coming down from the north country and lake effect can be a bitch and is often legendary between here and there. In truth I'm hoping this hits early and then I won't be stressing about it nearly as much.

We have (although the final contracts have not been signed) two new radiology accounts coming on board where I work. One them is a doctor and his new practice in Newark, NJ. I worked with this doctor when I was assigned to the NYC account for a year and I really liked him and he was good to us. So I finally got my courage in hand and went and asked about maybe being given the account as I know the guy, know the downstate insurances and did an excellent job on the account. This involved my speaking with the VP of our company, a woman who has done nothing less than strike fear into my heart, although she's done nothing to me to earn that. (Okay, so she promoted Princess ahead of me but it happens I guess.) Deb was please I came forward, said I was definitely ready for a change and that it may not be this account but certainly the second account that would come in the spring. I know this song and dance and well, there are no guarantees we are getting that account. And I've been made a lot of promises in the past and what has that gotten me so far?

Lost and Found has been up on Barnes and Noble now for several weeks. Without the cover art. Honestly, no one buys a book if they can't see the cover, we all know that. And I no longer have the energy to fight this. I feel as if I'm always trying to get things fixed and that I'm holding up my end of the bargin but no one else is. It took three months to get it up on Amazon for the Kindle. I've had to get the right blurbs attached on some E-book retailers (I had someone elses's entirely- twice.) Lots of other little things. it's like all the joy of this has been sucked out for me lately as I continue to purchase advertising and push the book in hopes of getting a couple more reviews. I hate asking because I feel like a bother. So I'm writing off Barnes and Noble and if anyone asks, I'll direct them to anywhere but there.

One of my projects this week, I hope, is to maybe put the new Gwenna website up too. I've got a good handle on the software and have one of my paying accounts designed with it. She's very happy with it and so am I. It gives me more freedom.

Ah yes, it's eye candy night tonight. Yeah, Hawaii Five-O. What's not to love? What's not to love? Snark, subtext, CBS even promoting the slashiness, drop dead gorgeous guys, beautiful scenery, did I meantion snark? It's got all the ingredients I need, the shallow thing that I am.

Good grief, my one friend in South Carolina wrote that she is so excited about putting her tree up on Wednesday. *sigh* Tim gave my two trees away late this summer because he wanted the space in the garage for more of his stuff. Merry Christmas to me I guess.
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