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I've had an iPod Nano for years, pretty much since they came out with one. Before my father passed away, my original one disappeared and so I ended up with a 3rd generation one that was the square one. Loved it. It worked, it did all I wanted it to, slipped in my pocket, or purse or tote bag, you know the drill.

My husband has an eight gig iTouch that he has some how managed to max out space wise with over a thousand songs. A few months ago he started bugging me about "buying" his so that he could buy a newer 32 gig one. I told him I didn't need it, my Nano was perfect, I even had a perfect retro sixties skin on it and what did I need an iTouch for? Really, what it boiled down to is- that my husband wanted to SELL me the damn thing. My husband. Sell. It. To. Me.

What's wrong with this picture?

Anyway he kept bringing it up, I kept blowing him off until last week when I finally caved and said, whatever. Here's the cash, set it up with my iTunes and show me how to use it.

Oh, on top of paying him for it, he took my perfectly good Nano too.

So now I have an 8 gig iTouch. Don't get me wrong, I do like it. I've even downloaded, for fun, the pilot ot Hawaii Five-O just to see it work. I've since downloaded the Weight Watchers app as well as the Kindle and IDBM app- all were free. It's taking me some getting used to- I'm not used to a touch screen. But I'm getting there. I've gone walking with it a few times, played it in my car. I've ordered a new skin for it- the same one I had but for this model.

It's a nice toy. Really.

But I didn't need it and I shouldn't have to pay my own husband to have it, whether I needed or desired it.

Now I just have to figure out how to get my copy of Lost and Found on the foolish thing without buying it again. But hey, if I did, that might be my only sale for this month too! LOL
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