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Fandom- it's a small universe out there

So I'm sort of nosing around a bit on this one H5-O LJ I'm watching, and through some comments, made a new friend. (Big deal for me!) What's funny is I'm always reminded of just how small fandom is. Turns out she's a Tour of Duty fan from way back- how awesome is that? But the really fun part, we both know someone else- one of my first friends and contact in Tour of Duty.

As big as fandom gets and for some of these "communities" it's legion (I think H5-O is fast approaching that) it's always fun to bump into someone new who ends up knowing the same people you do. It makes this new fascination of mine a little more "homey" I guess is the word. For someone like me, who has only been associated and invested in one admittedly small fandom, it's nice.

I doubt any of this makes sense, but there you have it.

On a separate note, my sales for Lost and Found in November was a VAST improvement over October. I'm not in this to make money, but if I can't make sales, my press has no incentive to pick up any other novels of mine, no matter how well reviewed I might be. So I feel much better after having the legs knocked out from under me last month.

Still pushing forward on VN2, will definitely pass the 85K mark and then some. Right now I keep telling myself not to worry about that- write it and then go back and edit it down.

It's snowing in upstate NY. Big surprise. But, I can be thankful I don't live in Buffalo!
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