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Hit hard

Well, this is one of those extremely rare mornings where I'm not even going to try to go into work yet. We got hit really hard with a lake effect band that settled over the city after midnight and currently, I've got at least a foot of new snow out in the roads in my neighborhood. I think I'll be fine once I get to the main roads, but right now, I'm not getting there.

We've been wholloped big time since Sunday, and it's been pretty much non stop. Monday and yesterday were tricky commutes but I managed, but this morning is just that much worse. I'm throwing in the towel though. We are supposed to get up to another foot tonight- I'm taking tomorrow off and sleeping in. I'll write instead. I'm exhausted, worn thin and it's only December 8th. This does not bode well for winter here in upstate NY.

You know it's bad when the Weather Channel is camped here and broadcasting live from Syracuse and has been for the last few days. Oy.
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