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Yeah, I'm off today. I'm off tomorrow. So that means- a four day weekend for me. Woot. and now that I've got the worst of getting ready for Christmas behind me, I'm even happier.

I may zip over to Target to look for a Wii game for my husband, but everything else is done but for some light wrapping. I delivered my last cheesecake today at work- a Red Velvet job that I had to do twice because I totally screwed up the first one. The second one came out like a show stopper, I will admit. I hope it tastes as good as it looked. I also picked up all the groceries I needed this morning to make my lasagna for Christmas dinner. (My son is coming over and that's what he wanted.)

I also completed a small writing project that I started several times, scrapped and started again. I ended up writing the entire thing yesterday, mostly during working hours. I got tired of being the only person in my department that actually worked. (I'm funny like that- I think that if I'm being PAID to be at the job- silly me- I should actually be WORKING at the job.) I still cleared off a ton of misc garbage I normally have no time for and my desk it already in much better shape for the upcoming new year.

The new project is now in HCat's capable hands.

Thanks to powerhug I got the last two Hawaii Five-O eps downloaded to use for vidding. She pointed me to yet another new community- hawaiifive_0_tv . My god, this fandom has gotten huge in a short amount of time and I can't possibly keep up with just the LJs for it.

Hoping to get back to VN2 this weekend and hopefully my ToD novel- Fallout. It's nice to have the boys talking to me again, I've been so busy and I've missed them. I think I may treat myself to a ToD TV marathon tomorrow if I have the house to myself. Pick out all my favorite eps and just relax and get my Myron/Zeke fix.

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