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Santa was very good to me

I hope Santa was good to you as well. I got my Nookie! (Barnes and Noble website is just so slow and overloaded that registering it will have to wait.) I also got a brand new iPod Touch from my sister- so right now I have two of them. Although her's is the fancy latest and greatest with a camera even.

The lovely and sweet HCat gave me a stunning little handmade shawlette. I just love her hand knitted things and treasure this. And sassyinkpen fed my new obsession with some lovely ceramic tiles with McGarrett and Danno from Hawaii Five-O. decynthus gave me my presents last weekend which included a whole bunch of wonderful goodies including some awesome yarn and a beautiful pattern book to go with it. 

So I'm very happy. Tired, but happy. My two men are upstairs playing Call of Duty- Black Ops. Right now they are doing the Vietnam section. 

Tomorrow, I get back to writing.  

Oh, and Santa must have really liked me because the coverart for Lost and Found FINALLY made it onto Barnes and Noble! Woot!
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