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God, I'm stupid

I decided to sign up for WordPress and BlogSpot so that I could decide what I think will work better and what I can navigate in better.

Yeah. Right.

I'm such an incredible loser that I'm totally lost in both of them. In the process, I managed to get my google account deactivated so had to start all over there with a completely new one- so now Gwenna has one. This sort of stuff reminds me of exactly how incredibly stupid I am.

I admit it, I intimidate easily and I like things to be really simple and up front and user friendly, because lets face folks, DC here is NOT very savvy. Everyone has such nice looking Blogspots and I seem to have a small selection of pretty bland themes and NONE appeal to me. I should just stick with LJ and push that.

I hate being reminded of just how stupid I am.

So now I have two accounts, one in each and haven't a clue what I'm doing. Go me. I think I'll find a bag of Oreos and a gallon of milk now. Loser.
Tags: blogspot, wordpress
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