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The usual weekend wrap up

So it's Sunday again and I start another week of working two jobs. But I did get stuff done this weekend, both for myself and for Gwenna.

Over the course of the weekend I got done:

A BlogSpot for Gwenna
(Tried and failed miserably at a WordPress one)
Scrubbed my bathroom down
Washed, hung out and put away three loads of laundry
Did several inches of knitting on my current shawl.
Completed my syllubus for the class I'm teaching
Caught up on several programs I had taped that included- Dances with the Stars, NCIS, Castle, and the Forgotten.
Grocery shopped
Worked on Gwenna's webpage
Finished the edits on Mark and Josh and send it back to HCat for her to go through again.
Finished cleaning up the synopsis for Mark and Josh.
Updated one of my paying websites.
Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher- twice.

So there is quite a bit there I guess. I think I squeezed in a few chapters of a book I'd already read but was looking for something in it about a particular character.

I've now got VN2 out and I'm going to start getting back on that now that the main push with Mark and Josh is done. I've got about 17K done on that, and that's not counting the scenes I've done further in that I'll drop in when I get to that point in the book. I need to read all of this, find the voices for it again and set my mind back on Nate and Ian now.

Traveling notes:
I'm going to the lovely Kallie's in two weeks, well, really a week and a half. I'll stay with her part of the time but I'm also driving to Cincinnati to see Stephen Caffrey in his latest play.

I'm also driving to Washington DC where I will meet the lovely HCat who is coming back to the States for meetings and vacation. I'm very excited about this- I haven't seen her in a year and we've got so much planned.

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