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What to do now

So, with Japan off the table, I sort of fall into a lot of extra vacation time on my hands. And people with all kinds of suggestions which include-
  • My editor's suggestion of going to National. This being the National Romance Writers Convention in NYC at the end of June.
  • creedcascade suggested Hawaii. A lovely thought, babe, but I would wait until fall for that- when filming on Five-O is on again. 
  • Several others suggested my favorite place in the entire world- the Outer Banks. That's not entirely out of the question. I'm considering it.  
  • I was considering Key West (for research for Then and Now- the next Mark and Josh installment) but it appears a bit too expensive.
  • I am going to Charlottte for Fourth of July week. I'll probably drive again.
  • I am going to the NJ Romance Writers Convention at the end of October.
  • I may meet HCat in November in DC. Possibly.
So I'm not without options here. I am going to take a long weekend, probably the weekend of April 9th and house sit. Which means I can write in peace and luxury.

Also let my editor know that since I won't be kicking my heals up in Japan for two weeks, we could move the editing schedule up on VN2. I can't wait to see the cover art come out on this one.

Fandom notes: I'm working on a new H5O vid. I need to pull out some ToD fanfic and get back on that. I miss Myron and Zeke.
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