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On the road

I'm leaving for Cincinnati today with a stop both ways with the lovely Kallie. Tomorrow, I'm going to see the new play that Stephen Caffrey is in. I know I'll have a great time, he never disappoints because he is such a fabulous stage actor. But with the freaky weather we've been having in the mid west, I'm a bit uptight about the drive.

I'll certainly do a report about the play when I get back.

Since this trip will be a limited amount of time spent with Kallie, I'll be back in two weeks for a final long weekend before the weather really changes and she flees south for the winter.

I was hoping to hear something by now on Mark and Josh, but it's only been a few days. I was just sort of hoping though. LOL. Who knows, I still may.
Tags: mark and josh, stephen caffrey
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