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Back at Kallie's!

ll do a full write up of the play, but I just wanted to say for now that it was fabulous and I had a great time. It was a long drive but Stephen is totally worth it. The play house is very small and intimate and I could have reached out and touched him a few times. It was tempting to trip him when he exited and entered down our aisle a several times. LOL  ^..^

I will say this, I loved the play itself. It was beautiful and sad and he had a very nice role in it as the husband of one of the central characters. Although he was not a main lead, he had a substantial part and was in it throughout the entire play, right up until the end.

Seated next to me were a pair of season ticket holders- a mother/daughter pair and at intermission I asked them how hard it would be to get back to the main highway as I got so turned around getting to the playhouse in the first place. They were the sweetest people and said they were going the same way I was and I could follow them. Joy!  As it was dark and raining and I was a bit stressed with worrying about getting back, even with the GPS.

Anyway, I'm back safe and sound at Kallie's- exhausted but pleased with myself. I go home tomorrow.

And for those who have asked, nothing yet from Samhain. I'm hoping that is good because well, so far, they haven't turned it down.

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