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Staying at Kallie's B&B

I'm baaaack... in Buffalo- staying a long weekend with the sweet Kallie. I brought booze, I brought popcorn, I brought the laptop here and my flash drives, and one pumpkin. Yes, you read that right, a pumpkin. Tomorrow we carve... hehe.

I had a crummy week at work. I got dumped on yet again with our problem child client who has yet to fix their damn problem- that means that I'm still entering hundreds of charges, manually, daily. On top of that, Princess dumped a project on me that no one else wants because it's garbage. She couldn't wait and do this next week- she had to do it at month end. Then with 15 minutes to go today, I had to pack up my entire desk to be moved to my new location. *sigh*

Still no word on Mark and Josh.

But I'm here now until Monday and will be writing on VN2. And on some of the several ToD stories I've got hanging out there. (If I can get Zeke and Myron to talk to me again since I've abandoned them for so long.)

Oh, btw, my husband bought us a Wii. Yes, we now have a Wii in the house. Let me just say this. The cats are completely mouth open, wide eyed fascinated with the tennis game. Seriously. It was worth the money just to watch their amazement.

So tomorrow I'm sleeping in, relaxing, writing and drinking and somwhere in there knives and pumpkins will be involved. News to follow at 6.
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