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A VERY windy halloween here

I've pretty much got Kallie's place to myself. She had prior plans for this evening so I'm just lounging and relaxing in front of her fire with a nice cup of tea and the laptop. This morning I slept in until 9:30! Those of you who know me, know I NEVER do that. But it felt good I admit.

Yesterday I got some real writing done on VN2, so I'm thrilled with that. Two scenes infact, although one was about a page's worth of transistion. Even so, I'm happy and settling back into the swing of this novel again. I also dusted off some of my research I'd done a few years ago via Lee Russell on the Battle of Hue. I ordered a couple of used books from Amazon having to do with it as well. It might be about  gay erotica, but I like my background facts to be accurate! LOL.

I carved up my pumpkin yesterday. It was simple and came out really adorable. I've got it in here with me as it's so freakin' damn windy outside, I'd never be able to keep it lit. Kallie took pictures of it so hopefully I can post them later.

So it's been a really nice relaxing last time here for this year type visit. I'll work some more on VN2 after taking a nap. Pop a small frozen pizza in the oven for myself and continue to relax. I can't ask for more than that at this point. (Okay, SC standing here in the nude might be nice.... but well, I'll settle for hot chocolate with Baileys and some popcorn.)
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