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God I hate Mondays- especially after vacation

I kept telling myself that at least we would have AC at work since it would be in the mid 90s today. Yeah right. They were running large fans to move the air around. Add to that the new carpeting and painting that is going on and well- it was a recipe for a headache of monster proportions that had me nearly weeping when I got home. Thankfully, it's pretty much gone.

I hate coming back after a longish vacation- especially to a job I'm still learning. But I seemed to settle in with little problem. I really want to start getting more and more off the boss's desk so she can be happier.

I think I have the follow up story to No Promises in my head. Now to get it down.

Side note to my Five-O fans- I love Scott, I really do and I know he's not really big on interviews and such- I get that. But could we be any less thrilled to be back on set and talking to people than in today's live interview? Good grief, Scott! Then you get Alex who is like a big goofy golden retriever- all happy smiles and thrilled to there and delighted with the fans. Go figure? Thank god these two actually like each other as good friends in real life.

For those keeping track, my walking streak continues- I've walked at least a mile, usually more, every day since May 1st. Every single day.

Rec's in next post.
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