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You get it, she gets it, I get it, we all get it

I'm chilling and relaxing at my friend's place this weekend and we talked about it last night and again today. Fandom. And the fact that even if we aren't into the same fandoms (She's Stargate, I'm Five-O), we still get it. We still understand and totally get it and it's fun. We don't have to apologize for it, we can go on and on about it and totally get it.

My walking partner and sometimes traveling buddy in crime, decynthus , is a huge Harry Potter fan and loves Daniel Radcliff. And although I've never read a single word of HP or seen the movies (I just heard the collective gasp, I know...) I completely understand her joy. She doesn't have to explain it to me because I'm already there.

So then my sweet friend, sassyinkpen  puts on her journal today how much she loves Suits. To the point of "capslock". And I just grinned ear to ear because, damn I just so understand that level of enthusiasm even if I've never seen an episode. Because I'm so there right now with my current obsession. And it's fun and fresh and a blast.

And it makes me feel less guilty about the fact that I got sucked into Five-O. (which is an huge understatement, I admit.)

And that leads me to this topic. Sweet Christ I want to go to Hawaii right now and hunt down Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin. Seriously! I'm so freaking jealous of the damn tourists down there who have been in the right place at the right time and getting fantastic pictures and video of the on location shooting that started last week. And we aren't talking distant, oh-it-looks-like-that-could-be-Alex kind of pictures either. I'm talking about right on top of these guys with fantastic behind the scenes stuff that makes a girl like me swoon with envy. I'm mean seriously. SERIOUSLY people! I just can't get over how freaking open this is to the general public! Just to prove my point (and why I'm just green with envy here), check out Scott Caan from this lucky bystander from Wednesday's shooting. And Alex O'Loughlin here from I believe the day before that.

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