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Primetime on Demand

Okay, I've known about this for several months, but what I didn't know was that it held like up to the last FOUR episodes of any one program on CBS and NBC (boo to ABC)... so when my DVR doesn't catch something like Three Rivers because the football game ran over, hot damn it just don't matter!

Damn, I love technology.

A wrap up of my weekend at the lovely Kallie's hopefully tomorrow. I know, you are all waiting with wild anticipation for that. (yeah right, I know...) But hey, DC drank, DC carved a pumpkin, DC wrote and DC started (gasp) a new songvid! Damn. (Oh, and I finished Heat Wave and knitted too.)

Now I need to slink off to my second job here.

Tags: heat wave, song vidding, vn2
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