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still walking/Entourage/Tour of Duty

Just for the sake of saying so, my walking streak continues unbroken since May 1st. This despite the heat. I even managed to nudge Kallie out with me after dark while I was in Buffalo. Yeah, we were sticky and soaked with sweat and had to take a shower each night, but we were out there. Tonight, I did three miles with decynthus . This despite the fact that I'm operating on about 2 hours worth of sleep and a headache I've had basically since Sunday afternoon.

Yeah, I know, bfd. But it makes me feel better to note it anyway.

I watched the season premier of Entourage. What can I say? Scott plays such a sleeze and you cringe with some of what he does and says but he so damn funny and cute. He struts, he preens, he has his shirt half unbuttoned and swears worse than a sailor. And I laughed my ass off. And damn, but the boy looks smoking in an expensive suit, shirt and tie. Oolala.

And now that it's public, I can comment on it here. A couple of months ago, HCat and I were approached by Fabulous Film LTD who got the licensing rights to produce Tour of Duty on DVD in region 2. With all the music. We were approached because of our work on Info, the fellow in charge of all of this asking permission to use the biographies, episode summaries and material done by Lee Russell. He also asked for copies of our vast photo collection. HCat did the lion's share of handling all of this as I was so busy juggling edits and such for VN2- the timing sort of sucked for me unfortunately. But anyway, this looks like it will be a really nice set up including a documentary that features several of the actors and other key players and a booklet with a great deal of Info's material in it. I'm proud that all the work that we did on Info- especially HCat, paid off. I just wanted to brag here a bit about it. We don't have a release date yet, but Terence Knox and the others showed up this past weekend to film the documentary. Sadly, Stephen Caffrey wasn't there, nor was Dan Gauthier, Stan Foster or Ramon Franco. And of course John Dye passed away.

Anyway, because of this, I had to quick finish up (finally!) Ruiz's and Johnson's biographies and they are now on Info for anyone interested.

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