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revamping vids

WinCon has put out their call for songvids. I've been working on a Five-O Slash one, but it's taking me far longer than I planned on to complete it and I doubt I'll have it done for the deadline.

I've been told by people to use my first one- which I call Five-O Promo. No special effects, just really tight editing. I think I may go for that but when I made it, I only the first 18 episodes and now I've got the entire season. I'm thinking I'm gonna freshen it up a bit, swap out some stuff that every vidder seems to use for some newer less used clips. It's a good vid for pimping Five-O since you don't need to know anything about the show at all.

And, if by chance I get the slash one done, well I enter that too.

I wish I could go to this year's WinCon. It's just not gonna work out that way for a lot of reasons. :P
Tags: h5o, hawaii five-o, song vidding
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