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Returned from house sitting

I'm back from my friend's house to my messy dump of a place I live in. (There is a reason I call her place "the spa".) I did write, I finished up No Compromises, the sequel to No Promises. I'll probably post it later this week or so. It's a boatload of angst, I seem to really like writing a truely screwed up emotionally Danny. Not sure what that says about me! Now I need to get to work on the next one. I've still got some other WIPs I need to get on as well. 

And because I really have nothing else to say here, I'll use it as an excuse to post some eye candy. Because seriously, what's not to like about these two guys? Seriously? (And it's calorie free too!)

Talk about your scenic Hawaiian views...

Tags: alex o'loughlin, fic, h5o, hawaii five-o, scott caan
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