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From the Kare's Drabble-fest

The wonderful kare decided to have a Drabble-fest over at her place- Hawaii Five-O and/or Supernatural. No rules other than it has to be 100 words- period. Not more, not less. (The banner made for it is adorable too.)

For an epic writer like myself that has to write pages to get my point across, it was a good challenge to throw in on. So here are two that I did among the really fantastic ones from some of the best fanfic writers in the Five-O universe. (and no, I don't consider myself on that level.)

Steve, Danny, Grace- Gen

"I'll be back in a minute."

Steve watches Danny as he carries a very sleepy Grace to the door where Rachel waits. She's half draped over his shoulder, her face buried against Danny's neck. He carriers her with a practiced ease. He holds her like she's the most precious thing in his life.

Steve can never stop wondering at the pair, of a bond that would draw one man 5000 miles away from everything he knew without a second thought. He can not help but consider at that kind of love and the sway it has over his partner. 

Danny/Kono (Just for Kare)

Kono moved across a room with a careless grace Danny was sure she didn't realize she had. There was something so captivating in the way her dark hair spilled over her bare shoulders. Danny had caught himself on more than one occasion from reaching out and tangling his fingers in the softness of it.

She wore shirts that hung loose off one shoulder, revealing a bikini strap and smooth skin that Danny longed to touch. She'd glance up at him with a quiet smile that reached her eyes, as if she knew Danny's thoughts.

Someday, Danny hoped she would. 

Tags: danny williams, h5o, hawaii five-o, new fic, steve mcgarrett
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