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And in other news...

I indulged myself yesterday. I mean, really indulged. I bought a Toshiba Notebook.

I got so enamoured with all the ones I saw at WriterCon. Now I already have a nice laptop (A Dell), but it's big and I bought it that way on purpose. I use it for my songvidding and especially for my webpage designing because it looks impressive to show a 17" screen at a client's work place. But it's heavy and when I travel, I really only need internet access and word processing.

This is a sweet little unit and it's going to do exactly that- let me take and write on my various manuscripts when and where I want. And give me internet access when I can't be home. This is going to be especially wonderful on Mondays and Wednesdays when I leave my main job and kill two hours before teaching at my second job. I'm in a Barnes and Noble cafe to kill the time and it's a WiFi hotspot. What more can a girl ask for? Well that and a nice cup of hot chocolate. :)

This was supposed to be my reward for selling Mark and Josh. *shrugs* One of my web design accounts paid me a nice fat paycheck and I also got money from my teaching gig. So what the hell. I can take it to Japan with me.

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