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So it's off to WinCon

I got my vid done. I actually liked the way it came out. And I just got done submitting it to WinCon. Since Five-0 is the new shiney fandom out there and there are vidders who are extremely talented (I can point out some stunning vids to prove it if you want...), I'd be surprised it gets picked up. But, I won't know unless I try so, there you have it. All turned in. If it's not picked up, I'll post it to YouTube. Otherwise it will be up AFTER the convention in October.

Kallie (who is known as Darcy) has also turned in an SPN vid called Monster that is well- wow. And I don't do SPN. But she's that good, what can I say.
Tags: h5o, hawaii five-o, song vidding
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