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Cleveland. Why you ask?

So here I am in Cleveland. It's been a hectic week with my allergies going completely out of control- so much so that I ended up burning an entire damn day of vacation at work. The good news is- I think I've got them under control. Thank you god.

Last night the husband and I went to see The Lion King- as it's here in Syracuse. We had a really nice time- but we were both tired and by the time it was over, I was practically weeping with exhaustion. The show was stunning though and as wonderful as I remembered it when I saw it on Broadway many years ago.

Fast forward to this morning and we hit the road to come to Cleveland. Why you ask? Because Stephen Caffrey is in a play here. And if he's driving distance from me- well it would be a crime not to go. My husband even agreed to come because the woman who used to love to just jump in her car and drive anywhere, well, she's long gone.

So here I am, with free wi-fi in an older, but clean, hotel relaxing until husband gets back from exploring hobby shops to take me down the street to the show.

BTW- I actually feel like human today. Really. Although I'm still having a helluva time getting use to my new glasses. Oy.
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