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Because it's about character so I can't keep my mouth shut

Yeah, yeah, I get it's a television show. Having said that...

To me, character is EVERYTHING and the minute you start to meddle with that, I get cranky. When you have an established character or set of characters, it makes sense to pay attention to what you've already set up. Why mess with that? Seriously?

So in reference to last night's Five-O ep- yeah, I'm cranky because- really- What the hell happened here? And this isn't about the new girl being added to the team, although she's already cutting into my Danny/Steve fix... but I digress there. No, what's got me cranky is all related to character.

The biggest element of who and what Danny is, is defined by the fact that he is a father and totally, utterly devoted to his young daughter. He gave up everything he knew back in NJ and moved to Hawaii- solely to be with his daughter. Everything else spins out from that, even the snarkiness and sarcasm. And we get him last week pretty much crushed by the turn of events that had Rachel and Grace returning to Hawaii. Set up the angst and how he's going to deal with the situation over the next few weeks at least. So yeah- Happy Danny last night had me digging my fingers into my palms. 

Take note, there is at least one Grace moment in every episode last season. Every one. It can be as simple as our seeing her picture on Danny's cellphone. But there is always, always at least a moment that we are all reminded about who and what Danny is above all else.

We didn't get that last night. No mention, no picture, no Grace at all. Nothing. If you dropped into the show last night first time, you'd not know this was a single father with limited custody emotionally devastated just a week ago.

Sorry, but the character doesn't swing that way.

The other thing that had me gnashing my teeth was the complete lack of interest or concern on the part of Danny and Steve concerning Kono. Her world is being ripped apart by IA and these two men, who would have died for her last week, don't seem the least bit interested in what's happening to her now. This was a family and Lenkov warned there were going to be cracks when they came back together, but really- this? Seriously? You expect us to believe these two simply switched it off and that's that?

I'd like to think it's delibrate because of the unfolding story arc for Kono. And I can live with that and understand where it would fit in. So I'll live with the character mess there for now. But Danny? It's like they screwed him up at the end of last season, making him a complete sleeze and in an effort to get him back on track, they just keep making it worse with him.

Someone, fix this, please!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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