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Finishing up at Kallie's

Although I didn't accomplish what I had intended to while here- finish the edits on Mark and Josh, do some songvidding and write hot tub sex with Zeke and Myron for the lovely HCat, I did get a lot done. And as always, I had a super wonderful time.

Oh, and while here, I obviously moved to my new LJ here. Since then, I've made a cute fat orange kat icon. :)

What I did get done here was: 
  • 40 pages of hard edits on Mark and Josh. One of the two scenes re-written.
  • A couple of pages on a different ToD story- a follow up to my Doc and Johnny first time story called River.  This one, called Hurt,  is  taking a darker turn that I've never explored in my fanfiction writing before. We'll see how it comes out.
  • A complete summary of the ToD episode The Luck for Tour of Duty Info. (Which, btw, the amazingly talented HCat is currently overhauling so that we can add our NEW artwork from Debs on there.)
  • Several inches of knitting done on my latest shawl. I'll take some pictures tomorrow to post here.
Kallie got a pretty new blue iPod Nano and it came today. It's really cute and they seem to get smaller and smaller each time the next generation comes out. Anyway, she's learning to import music and other goodies. She's already figured out how to convert our songvids over so that they can be downloaded and watched on it- I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see Bookends on there.

Oh, thanks to Kallie, I got a really great song to vid for Doc/Johnny. Hopefully I can find some time at some point to actually vid it.

I absolutely need to finish the edits on Mark and Josh and get it over to HCat this week. I start teaching again next week and well, that's just going to suck up all my spare time on the weeknights anyway. Thank god I'll still have every other Friday off.

Oh, and I treated myself to some lovely yarns on KnitPicks.com .

Anyway, tomorrow I drive back to my boring regular life. I'm trying not to be too depressed about it but I am already. <sigh>
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