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DC in DC

I'm flying to DC tomorrow afternoon to meet up with the wonderful henrycat which I have not seen in TWO YEARS! We talk or IM pretty much every single day but it's not the same. And of course I didn't get out to Japan last spring due to an earthquake and tsunami. Go figure, right? So yeah, I'm flying down on a quick hop and won't be back until Monday. I'll have internet access of course but not sure how available it is at the condo we are renting.

Unrelated note- Yeowza on the Lori Weston issue that has sort of imploded on the Five-0 boards the last few days. Let me just say this and then I'm jumping in my foxhole and taking cover:

A) I do not dislike ALL female characters. (In fact I think Kono kicks serious ass. I also liked Rachel a lot.)
B) The one thing CBS ran up the flag pole before the show even premiered last year was the chemistry between Scott and Alex. They even made a commercial spot about it. They bragged on it all season. It's a major part of why I got into the show. So yeah, I don't like anyone taking away from that, I don't care what sex you are. Period.
C) You can't force chemistry. It's there or it's not. It's that simple. (Being able to act wouldn't hurt either...)

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