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Black Friday

It's a tradition that every year my sister and I go shopping on Black Friday. We have a large outlet mall about 40 minutes from us and we love to go. We are professionals at it now- we know what stores we are hitting, what order and exactly what we are getting. We have our coupons and our lists- we get in and get out and no one gets hurt. Some years the weather isn't the best- it's snowing or drizzling slushy sleet or extemely windy. Today it was picture perfect sunshine and no wind. I wore a long sleeve T-shirt and was more than warm enough.

Anyway, this year, as in years past, was a success. We were done by noon, drove back and had a nice lunch out and then chit chatted until she just left.

It's now officially the Christmas season for me. (As noted by my icon.)

Now my husband has left to go north for the weekend so I have the entire house to myself but for my two lady cats. I have stories to write and I'm gonna work on getting No Defenses put up both here and on AO3. I tried yesterday but lost patience as everything seemed very slow.
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