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The day after

Happy Boxing Day to those who celebrate!

**My husband went north to visit his parents and meet up with some war game buddies and won't be back until tomorrow. I consider this a Christmas present in and of itself as I get the house to myself.

**Gave husband a Kindle Fire, among a few other things. It was a huge hit and he basically couldn't put it down. He's now a victim of Angry Birds- addicted to playing it.

**Dishes are done and dishwasher doing it's thing. Need to get laundry going but that's not a big deal. There is still some picking up to do of boxes, wrapping paper, places to find for some gifts. Thank you cards that need to be written out.

**As mentioned above, husband is gone for the day and night. And it's a gray blah day here in upstate NY. Which is perfect writing weather for me. Will settle into that this afternoon- will start my co-author piece with the lovely creedcascadeand work on some smut for Glimpses.

**I'm totally dismayed with the direction of Danny's character this season. The loving, father who's life was his little girl just isn't there anymore. We never see Grace (she was on a total of 30 seconds in one episode...) There is this underlying air of sleeziness that has been introduced, it's not way obvious but it comes out here and there and makes me cringe. Some things he's done that are so off the character mark they set last season it sets my teeth to grinding. And at some point Rachel got voted off the island and we just weren't informed of it. She's just a none entity. Massive sigh over the entire direction, not to mention just the overall lack of decent writing overall with the exception of the few key episodes. (Okay, got that out of my system.)

**Aw man. Do I have to go to work tomorrow? What a way to wreck a four day weekend. :P

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