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It feels good to have the holidays out of the way. They never fail to overwhelm and exhaust me, making me an easy target for depression. And yeah, I do it to myself, but it seems to be all I know how to do.

But the holidays are done and I'm already getting things back on track. I've been writing again- on Glimpses this weekend and with creedcascade on our joint project. And I feel like writing on my regular novels again. I'll start putting myself back on a writing schedule like I did with VN2 and should be able to pound something out in a decent amount of time if I do that. As long as I can write, I can manage the winter depression.

Speaking of winter, we've gotten off real easy this past December with something like seven inches of snow total for the month. Of course the ski resorts are crying but me? I'll dance naked in the back yard if I thought it would give the same results for January. Sadly, we may get slammed tonight into tomorrow with lake effect. I hate lake effect. Really hate it.

In all honesty, if I didn't have to drag my ass to work in this garbage, I would care less if it snowed. But that's not the case.

Things I am looking forward to include Con.txt with decynthus. I'm all signed up for that. And Japan with HCat. Barring another tsunami and/or earthquake, I will hopefully make it there this April. Long Memorial weekend with Kallie- a tradition at this point. And the week of July 4th in Charlotte, North Carolina. All things I will remind myself of when the snow finally does hit here. :P

Oh, and just because it's Monday, I'll say it- It's eye candy night! Hawaii and cute guys, what's not to like?

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