fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

New directions

I've been bitten by the WWII bug. Have no idea why- Vietnam is what I know and what I love to write about, especially the Army. But over the last week or so, I've gotten this big itch to work on this era instead.

I've had Melody Blue set up for a while now, which is my novel set in England, 1944, about the captain and the head crew chief of a B-17 called Melody Blue. (Think Memphis Belle and 12 O'Clock High, but with a pair of gay lovers.) I've interviewed veterans who actually flew and worked on these amazing aircraft. It's been on the back burner, these past months but not any more.

There is also the Five-0 A/U I'm working on with creedcascade  - again set during WWII, 1944. I'm having a blast with that.

Now I've got another idea sinking it's teeth in that would be set in the months leading up to Pearl Harbor. This one won't leave me alone.

Good grief already. If only I could stay home and write full time, I'd be so much happier. Oh well.

My other project, my effort to drag myself into social media (albiet, kicking and screaming) is going well. I've been posting faithfully every day on my author's Twitter/Blog/LJ/Facebook a fact about the Vietnam War. At least I'm posting, every day. Before I'd abandon these for weeks. And Twitter, well I signed up but never used. It's a start in the right direction.

It's my Friday off- so that means some errands. And shopping- as I've got GCs to spend. And then settling in to work on one of the above projects for the weekend. :)

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