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Recs, because I'm way behind on these

I've been meaning to do this for at least a month, as there is some really awesome stuff out there. So I'll start out with my top two favorite writers, both of whom never fail to stun me with their work.


In Dreams She Comes
Less is more is how I think of kare's stories. With a minumum of words (usually 100) she captures images and emotions that are both so vivid and real, it blows my mind. This season of Five-0 has been lacking tremendously, but for occasional glimpses of what we loved most. And then there was the standout episode thus far that inspired more codas and "what ifs", dealing with the aftermath sadly ignored by the writers of the series. Kare finally wrote her's, heartbreaking and bittersweet with images both ethereal and vivid.

Hooked verse
Azziria fascinates and captivates with edgy writing with hard edges. Her Hooked verse is a total A/U of a shattered Steve torn up by the events of his past, haunted by gripping nightmares of the deaths of the teammates and sees himself as nothing more than hooker. Her characterizations are spot on, despite this being as far away from what Five-0 is as you can get. She recentely finished the verse but has been adding what she refers to as time-stamps of what happens after. Like all her unique and intriguing verses, this is well worth the read even if you're not a fan of the television series.

The rest I'm putting behind a cut as this got very lengthy.

Others I feel worth noting:

Ringtone Jamboree by Azreal
At the beginning of first season, Danny had various ringtones for his ex-wife (Psycho), her lawyer (Imperial Death March from Star Wars) and a few others. It was fun and amusing. Azreal expands on it with this fun little piece that had me grinning. Danny's choices for the team members, Gracie and various other people are perfect and so capture who the characters are and who they are to Danny more importantly.

Sacred by Stellarmeadow
It's canon that the only two people to call Danny by the nickname of "Danno" is Grace, his daughter, and Steve- because he knows it rubs Danny up the wrong way most of the time when he does. But they are the only two who do- not even Chin Ho, Kono, Rachel or even Danny's brother- Matty, refer to him as Danno. Then in this season's Halloween episode, the writers chose to have the new team member Lori Weston call him Danno. Some fans had no problem with it but several did and this story is quick look at if Steve thinks the newest team member has broken an unspoken rule.

Danny Baiting by Creedcascade
A lot of writers takes Danny's rants over the top in my opnion. He is a ranter, right from the beginning we knew that and when he does get going- usually all over Steve, it's usually hysterical. Subjects of apologizing for getting your partner shot and pineapple on pizza are just a couple of examples of Danny's buttons being pushed. And it's a fact that Steve will push him just to see the resulting fireworks. It's foreplay for these two. Creed has a fun look without taking it too far, keeping it believable with a few grins.

Grace by Ezzri
I'm rarely into death fics but this one caught and held me. It's heartbreaking and believable and real as Steve remembers the Danny he loved. And how much Grace, his beautiful little girl meant to him. The conversation Steve has with a very young Grace right after the funeral, when the grief is so raw is bittersweet. The images of Steve's Dress Blues is pefectly done. It's a three hanky read, so have a box of kleenex with you for it.  

En Route by Verastiene 
Another coda to 2.10 that is worth noting. A story of discovery for both these men in the aftermath of what one gave up and the other endured. Beautifully done, it's a careful look at raw wounds, both emotional in hours after Steve is rescued and the realization by both of them how much they love each other and what it took to bring them to it.

We Can Make it Through by Siehn
One more coda to 2.10 that I really enjoyed. Steve isn't big on emotions and unlike Danny, who broadcasts all over the place, keeps things bottled up. This is in the aftermath of a nightmare, of the two navigating those emotions of what happened, of what has been said and what hasn't. Danny's patience, love and understanding that someday, Steve will open up to him.


Jolene by Neeklove89
I loved this song when catyah did it for Riptide and now here it is, with Danny's ex-wife Rachel.

Danny "Danno" Williams on the H50GermanFanForum
Excellent character study and I don't say that often. It's all Danny.

I Get Knocked Down but I Get Up Again by Adria
A fun look at Danny from an excellent vidder.

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