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Well, it's finally here. Oh boy

Winter finally arrived here in the north east, especially here in upstate NY. Go us. The old joke of "if you blink, the weather will change" was actually true yesterday. I drove to work at 5:30AM  in POURING rain and 40 degree temps. By 6:30AM, the temps had bombed an amazing 20+ degrees and we had white out conditions. Let us just say, it wasn't pretty here. What normally takes me 20-25 minutes drive time to get home was three times that long. I made it fine, I grew up in this shit- but I saw some spectacular accidents along the way. Welcome winter. :P

It's still snowing today, but it's light flurries and well, I don't care. It's Saturday- I don't have to be anywhere if I don't want to. (And I don't). And I got the house to myself until tomorrow evening as the husband packed up and went north to war game with his friends. That makes this a weekend of relaxing and writing.

Speaking of which, I've got three three Five-0 projects going with a fourth (No Surrender) on a back burner for the time being. The co-author with creedcascade is coming along fine. I'll have my new part done today and shot back over to her. She calls it tag team writing. It's different and a bit of a good challenge for me, as I build off of what she does. My epic Five-O novel is starting to wrap up. Still a ways to go but it's definitely in the home stretch. And I started a fun piece of fluff that I'll maybe finish this weekend.

Regular writing- I'll be focusing on Melody Blue as well as Then and Now (which is my Mark/Josh sequel that is WAAAY over due).

So I have a full slate of writing projects to deal with for the weekend. I say- Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  

My personal project under my author name to post every single day on Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot and LJ is going well. Nobody's reading it, mind you, but I'm posting an historical event about the Vietnam War every day.

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