Wined and dined

Wow, it's been quite a week. My birthday was Sunday and I've eaten out more this week than I have all year it seems! Mind you- I'm not complaining- far from that in fact! I'm very flattered and touched.

This started last Saturday in Buffalo with Kit who took me out to Mexican. We've been trying to find a good place for years and it was a score with this one.
Thursday my work companion, Anne, bought me lunch.
Friday my husband and son took me to the Outback for steak and lobster.
Rounded this all up with a lovely early dinner with decynthus at Red Lobster.

So wow.

It was also a crazy week at work. My boss had a presentation yesterday- Saturday is the only day she seemed to be able to get all our physicians, PAs and NPs together. But that meant Anne and I had to pull together a bunch of stuff. She copied and scanned things while I pulled research and regs from CMS (Medicare/Medicaid). This all meant that I got almost no auditing done and I have piles on my desk of hospital audits, office audits and appeal requests that require I verify if we can appeal to begin with. I have these all in neat piles but that doesn't get them done. They just sit there, silently accusing me. So this week I will need to dig in and push hard to get caught up. At least I really, really like what I do now. :)

We've also had some nice weather but that gets tossed out the window this week with cold and rain and dare I say- flurries? (Sweet baby Jesus, make it stop already!) decynthus, my dear friend- I guess it's good we are NOT starting our walking this week. The weather would have laughed in our faces. Lets hope next week will be the ticket.

Job aside, this week has been my week to start to pull my act together. I've got some of my outlines out for both fanfic and regular novels. And notes for a vid I want to have done for WinCon this year. Espeically since decynthus and I are going! Woot! It's just so cool it's in our back yard this year with it being in Pittsburg.

Time to get things ready for another week of the job.
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Seriously, I am alive...

I realize I haven't been here that much this winter. Really not at all. It was, by any upstate New Yorker's standard a miserable winter. One of the worst I've had to wallow through in years. Added to that was the fact that I've been sick for the better part of two monthes. A head cold that eventually went to a chest cold that turned into a cough that just would NOT let go. Then two weeks ago I lost my voice. (I know, there are many cheering at that notion...) It just wore me down by inches, leaving me curled up in a corner of the couch doing nothing. I have't written a single word of fanfic or on my regular projects, no vidding at all. I barely knit, really not much and I had started a lovely cross stitch project that has been languishing for weeks now.

Finally on Monday, I dragged myself to the Urgent Care and got antibiotics. (Those that remember my last encounter with Urgent Care nearly left me dead due to a botched diagnosis.) The upside is- I feel human again. My voice is 95% back and I can breathe again. And this is the first Sunday evening where I haven't felt worse than better in weeks. I even went to Buffalo for the first time this season to enjoy my dear friend, Kit and to celebrate my birthday. :)

I owe a huge apology and long note and everything else to you, kapuahi. I am so sorry for blowing it with our combined project that I simply just dropped for two months. And haven't really had the decency to write to you either. I will try to fix that this week now that I feel like a person again. I hope you can forgive me and give me another chance.
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Birthday wishes

To my dearest and closest friend, I wish henrycat a very special, bright and happy birthday! May your most desired wishes come true. I don't know where I would be without you. Be happy, enjoy the day and I've got my fingers crossed that good news comes this week if it didn't come today. ((hugs))

And for you- a happy dance!

calvin and hobbs dance
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Memo: Winter sucks

Our bay window is leaking right now due to ice damming on the roof. Oh the joy. Husband is up there chipping at it. Here is what it looks like in upstate NY on this beautiful February day. (Why isn't there a sarcasm font? Could so use one right now.)

snow back yard Feb 2015

snow front of house feb 2015


Keeping an eye on that monster storm coming up the coast. My sister will get hit hard but it looks as if, so far, we will only get 5 inches at most. I can deal with that. Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

I do some cross stitching- I used to do a LOT of it but when my friend moved down to South Carolina several years ago, it never seemed the same. Still, I do work on projects- small ones that are quicker satisfaction that way. I haven't had the urge or energy to set up and work on a larger piece. But this week I set up a beautiful piece that will take me some time only because I'm slow and it can't go with me everywhere. It's called Spring Moon. (Click here to see the pattern)

spring moon wip

I also picked up some pretty new yarn.

leggins yarn

The fingering weight is Noro, with some silk in it. Beautiful stuff. The yarn on the right I got to make this pair of leg warmers. It's always chilly in my office and a draft is forever blowing out of my boss's office along the floor and over my feet and ankles. These look simple and easy enough for even me to handle.

On an unrelated note- I decided to trade in my tracfone finally and get a smart phone. I signed up today and hopefully will have it by the end of the week. It was past time for me to get with the modern age.
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Vid shows and glasses

I just picked up both pairs of my new glasses. Wow, what a difference they make! It's like the entire world went into HD for me! I love them! My crunched/scratched/twisted pair is now tossed in my glove box in case of emergency but with two brand new pairs, I hopefully won't ever need them again. I wish I could have been able to save the frames for later use but that's not gonna happen.

On an unrelated note- I just entered my songvid- Kryptonite at Revelcon. Sadly I never get to this conference but I've always got a vid to enter and I've won twice. Once for Tour of Duty with The Whole Platoon is Gay, and last year with Let's Talk About Sex from Five-0. (Considering that Let's Talk About Sex wasn't good enough for another con, I was very pleased it did so well here!)
Danny W

So I got new glasses. And another thing...

I was way over due to get my eyes checked and see about new glasses, something I took care of tonight. Because I had to. It was, let us say, that kind of week.

It's been bitterly cold here, which means that most parking lots in the greater upstate NY area are a sheet of ice. Which I found out the hard way on Tuesday on my way to the employee entrance where I work. Okay, admittedly, I'm not the most graceful thing even in a pair of sneakers even in the summer, so yeah, between the ice and my questionable talents, I found myself sprawled face down on frozen asphalt. Good grief. Hands and knees scraped up, my tote upended and scattered (along with what little dignity I ever had) and thankfully, only my glasses broken. It could have been a helluva lot worse.

I do work in a medical office so a nurse came right over to my desk and helped clean me up and make sure I wasn't hurt worse. My boss was furious because I'm not the only employee to take unauthorized skating lessons in our parking lot and fail. She stormed over to HR and chewed someone a new one, then came back with an accident report for me to fill out.

My glasses weren't a total loss, thank god. I got them bent back enough that I can manage. But if anything good can come out of my pure embarrassment, it was that I was forced to finally get my eyes checked. And with that I ordered two new pairs of chick glasses. (It seems my prescription had changed, a lot. Which could account for the increasing headaches over the last few months.)

Bah humbug, I hate winter.
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H50 level of insanity

knitting organization

I don't make resolutions because I just blow them- usually within the first week. But I do make plans and the one that is always ongoing for me is getting organized. I have a ton of yarn and knitting supplies. The yarn I'm going to get all in one place (I have it in clear tubs) so that I have a handle on it. What would be nicer is if I took the time to sort it out by weight but that can be further down the road. Yarn that I buy for specific projects though, I want to bag with the pattern and store together. That way at least I know why I got a specific yarn to begin with rather than just picking up a pretty when I'm some place.

I have a bunch of knitting supplies that include two large sets of interchangeable circular needles, two sets of 6" double pointeds and misc other types of needles, crochet hooks, cords and what not. I had it in a larger plastic box with a handle but it wasn't working for me. So I went to Target and picked up 2 smaller snap stackables with handles and finally got everything exactly where I want it and how I want it.




And my treat to myself are these incredible double pointeds. A friend of mine had these and I love the way the felt in your hand and how the yarn worked with them. I want to learn to do socks and mittens and such now I have the needles to do that.

dbl pointeds

I have a ton of cross stiching supplies including a craft shop's worth of patterns. That's my next organizing project. Aren't you thrilled?
candy canes

Hunger Games

Who has seen the new Hunger Games movie- Mocking Jay? (I see you over there, decynthus, waving your hands! We went together, LOL!) No, seriously? Decynthus and I went yesterday and to be completely honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. My son enjoyed it- he saw it opening day. But I've read comments and reviews that said it's all talk and no action. It's mostly under ground, no color, none of the excitement of the games themselves. And I kept wondering if these same people had read the books- because it doesn't sound like it to me.

Anyway, I completely enjoyed it. I thought there was plenty of action and it's definitely darker and certainly sadder. But I have read the books and I knew what the third story entailed. And I felt they did a good job of staying with the canon. I'll be curious to see how this ends- if they stay with the ending as it's written which is not a happy ever after- just a closure that is realistic for these characters and what they'd been through, especially Katniss.

These books hold a special place in my heart because of the story behind them. She self published these when self publishing was just barely getting off the ground. She couldn't get them picked up by a traditonal big house publisher but when she hit it big self publishing them, they all raced to her doorstep. So yeah, these books are special to me for a few reasons.